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Shenzhen, China, November 8th, 2023 – OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd., the industry-leading provider of the VoIP Gateways, IP Communication Systems, and Asterisk® solutions with excellent quality and experience, today announces the launch of the Upgraded UC200 IPPBX.

OpenVox UC200 IPPBX is a new generation Unified Communication terminal equipment designed for SME and SOHO users. It is compact and lightweight, and provides following voice interfaces: FXS, FXO interface. It integrates functions such as IP telephony, voice and recording. It is compatible with multiple service platforms and terminals and can seamlessly connect to VoIP networks, traditional telephone networks (PSTN) and provide diverse converged communications solutions. UC200 IPPBX also features fast installation, easy deployment, and high reliability, which brings a new experience of mobile office and communication to the enterprise.

The UC200 IPPBX comprises four models: UC200-2S2O, UC200-4O, UC200-4S4O, and UC200-8O. In addition to supporting 4/8 RJ11 interfaces, the UC200 also features 3 Ethernet ports, 1 TF card slot, and 1 USB interfaceUC200 IPPBX supports 24 concurrent calls and is developed with various codecs and signaling protocols. UC200 also offers advanced features such as WebPhone integration and High Availability (Hot Standby) functionality. With its MQTT API support, UC200 enables seamless integration with other systems, allowing for efficient and reliable communication solutions. 


UC200 is a powerful VoIP communication system that supports multiple VoIP protocols, including SIP over UDP/TCP/TLS, SDP, and RTP/SRTP. The support for these protocols makes UC200 a reliable and efficient voice communication solution. As a high-availability hot backup system/device, UC200 ensures uninterrupted operation and stable service for users. Whether it's for critical business applications, network systems, or data storage, UC200 is a dependable choice.

For more information about the OpenVox UC200 IPPBX products, please visit this page. The UC200 IPPBX will be available worldwide from now on. Please contact our sales representative for the latest cooperation price, or send an email directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we look forward to your inquiry!

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