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A PMC for transcoding;

Also a PTMC for extending PMC to support stand telecom and telephony interfaces.

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  • Specifications

    It is usable with a wide range of PCC, PT2CC, PT3CC, PT5CC and can provide CompactPCI/fornt-panel Gbe/Backplane Gbe/Local CT media/control flow paths. These features can save the cost and support flexible applications.

    OpenVox design and manufacture V100-PTCCEVB evaluation board to help the customers evaluate the V100-PTMC on standard PCI bus.

    • 168.3x106.7mm (PCB)
    Power Requirments
    • 200mA @3.3V ( No include V100-PTMC)
    Operating Temperature Range
    • 0 – 50 °C
    • 10 TO 90% NON-CONDENSING
  • Features

    • Adapt V100-PTMC (PMC/PT2MC/PT3MC/PT5MC)
    • Large opening under V100-PTMC improves forced air cooling
    • UART,H.100 edge fingers available
    • Fully transparent to all software and does NOT require any drivers of its own
    • Universal slot support: 3V/5V, 32bit, 33/66 MHz
  • Download

    PDF Manual