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Mobile phone text messages have gradually faded out of people’s daily lives, but text messages still play an important role in corporate communications. For example, use SMS groups to promote products, send SMS activity notifications to business members, receive SMS verification codes in batches, or communicate with others within the company by SMS, and so on.


SMS is favored by enterprises due to its high timeliness and strong privacy.All of the OpenVox wireless voice gateways can provide enterprises with corresponding SMS sending and receiving services,which can enrich the communication methods of enterprises and create more value for enterprises.


OpenVox wireless gateway provides a SMS HTTP API, users can connect to other SMS platforms through this API(e.g. playsms). And users can perform secondary development based on API and embed SMS service in their own system.

OpenVox-SMS to Email

The OpenVox wireless gateway supports the installation of GSM, WCDMA, and LTE mobile phone cards. Users can not only use the external line of the mobile phone card to make and receive calls, but also can combine mobile phone card with e-mail to achieve SMS reception.

OpenVox wireless network receives the SMS, it will automatically convert it into an email according to the user's configuration, and then use the bound system mailbox to send it to the user's target mailbox.