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Shenzhen, China, March 19th, 2021- OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd., the industry-leading provider of the VoIP Gateways, IP Communication Systems, and Asterisk® solutions with excellent quality and experience, today released the unified communication platform UCP4130.

The OpenVox Unified Communications Platform (UCP) integrates traditional telephone systems with services such as video calls, recording, conference rooms, voice navigation, click-to-dial, CRM/ERP, etc., and integrates communications into the company's business systems, providing a highly integrated and seamlessly connected ideal solution. The UCP4130 one-stop converged communications platform features an integrated chassis and modular design, which can be flexibly expanded, supports IP standardization protocols, and is compatible with mainstream VoIP communication platforms.

The UCP4130 chassis is 4U 19-inch, rack mountable, with a total of 14 slots, of which the rightmost two (PSS1 & PSS2) are power module slots, equipped with a power module by default; the middle SFS slot is a network switch board slot, with a network switch board by default, providing two network interfaces; the remaining 11 slots are function board slots, which can be connected to communication interface boards, SATA hard disk boards, RAID boards, etc., to meet different functional requirements.

UCP4130 Z

The biggest advantage of UCP4130 solution is the modular design. The chassis provides up to 11 expansion slots, supporting a full set of telephone interfaces: FXS/FXO/E1|T1/GSM/WCDMA/LTE, which can be flexibly combined and flexibly expanded to meet the different needs of customers, making deployment and maintenance more convenient and significantly reducing expansion costs or operation & maintenance costs.

At the same time, UCP4130 provides a high reliability solution. When UCP is equipped with two power supply modules, it can form a redundant power supply. When any one of power supply module fails, it can be seamlessly switched to another power supply module, so even if a single power supply fails, the normal operation of the business system will not be affected. When UCP is equipped with two master boards, it can form a dual host controller hot standby system or load equalization. When configured with dual host controller hot standby, the failure of any one host will be automatically taken over by the other host to ensure uninterrupted service. Customers with high requirements for business reliability can choose this solution to implement a double insurance mechanism with redundant power supplies. The dual-host load balancing service can distribute services to each host on demand, increasing the overall processing capacity and improving reliability. In addition, optional RAID modules can compose RAID1. Double RAID can be set up when dual host control boards form a hot standby system, which doubles the reliability.

The x86 main control in UCP4130 is compatible with most Linux and Window operating system versions on the market. It also supports derivative versions of various VoIP systems based on Asterisk and 3CX, FreePBX, FreeSWITCH and VOS, providing users with more variety Telecom access methods and reduce communication costs.

For more information about the OpenVox UCP4130 products, please visit this page. The UCP4130 will be available worldwide from now on. Please contact our sales representative for the latest cooperation price, or send an email directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we look forward to your inquiry!

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