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B100P and dahdi installation

12 years 10 months ago #7049 by reinerotto
Hi, I want to use a B100P instead of my old ISDN card of another brand, which is working fine with asterisk, but because of non-open drivers.
So, I hope life with B100P will be safer :-)
Target system will be SuSE 11.4, 32bit

Looking at your docs in
I have a few questions:

Referring to>
A. Download the stable version of Libpri, dahdi and asterisk from ,
and copy the tar files to /usr/src/.
Please download Libpri-, which solve the bug.
Here, we download dahdi-linux-complete- and asterisk-

The actual version of LibPRI to get from is
Is it safe to use this version instead of your ?

I assume, that because of the patch file
file dahdi-linux-complete- MUST be used, rigtht ?
Or is it possible to use your newer
which obviously is dahdi-2.4. Does it already contain the necessary patch(es) for B100P ?

Newest version of asterisk is
Is it safe to use this version instead of your, because I do not need the patch for NT mode ?
12 years 10 months ago #7054 by Joe.Yung

As we know, asterisk- is the latest version so far. We didn't test with this version until now. We are not sure if it works or not. But we will follow it and let you know soon.

Regarding the patch of B100P, the dahdi-linux-complete-current.tar.gz doesn't contain the patch of B100P. So you will need to additionally patch it.

Libpri version, higher than should not be a problem.

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