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NT Mode - modprobe parameter

12 years 11 months ago #7105 by mjunghanns
If I want to use ports 4 and 5 of my B800P in NT mode, what modprobe parameters do I have to use? My dahdi - modules are already patched.

Example: options wcb4xxp te_nt_override=?x??

Is there any matrix that can be used to configure this?

Thank you very much!

12 years 11 months ago #7112 by Joe.Yung

options wcb4xxp te_nt_override= 0xE7 to set port 4 and 5 as NT mode.

The method is : 1111 1111 ---> oxFF ---> TE mode(default vaule). If you would like to set the port(s) as NT mode. Just switch the corresponding bit from 1 to 0(start it from the right side to the left)

For example, let's take span 3 and 6 for an example. 11011011( the third bit and the sixth bit), then transfer the 8 bits binary to hexadecimal. 1101 1011(binary)<----> oxDB(hexadecimal)

12 years 11 months ago #7114 by mjunghanns
Excellent explanation. Thank you very much!!
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