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OpenVox B100P Install Manual for dahdi on openSUSE

12 years 11 months ago #7110 by sipi
I created an install manual (howto) that I installed B100P on openSUSE. I'm going to hope it help somebody to install it.
12 years 11 months ago #7111 by Joe.Yung
Hello Sipi,

Thank you for your effort. You are doing very well.

12 years 11 months ago #7115 by sipi
Thanks Joe. I have worked on my asterisk and I installed iaxmodem and hylafax. It works fine with dahdi and B100P. There is important for me because I use one server that work what a linux server (file, mail, database, fax-to-mail, mail-to-fax and etc.). I run on it an virtualized Windows server for users applications.

Sorry but I have an problem. I have installed asterisk gui and it can't show B100P and dahdi trunk. Do you know what is it?
12 years 11 months ago #7119 by Joe.Yung
Hello,Asterisk-gui doesn't seem to support dahdi anymore.

How about switching Freepbx instead?

12 years 11 months ago #7121 by sipi
OK. Yes, I'll to switch FeePBX but need too much more dependencies. Thanks.
12 years 10 months ago #7152 by sipi
Oh, yeah! It is successful. Everything is work for me but I have some very small problem what I don't understand.

OpenVox B100P, asterisk, FreePBX GUI and management, iaxmodem, apache2, Postfix, HylaFax and WinPrintHylafax work. There are a lof of problem: software dependencies, apache user, FreePBX user rights and configuration, and a lot of bug...
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