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run b400P with mISDN under trixbox-openvox edition!

16 years 7 months ago #420 by james.zhu
hello, all of users:
I have tested the b400p under tixbox-openvox edition. it works perfectly. but there are few things i want to point out:
1) make sure run /mISDN config first under /usr/sbin.
2) load mISDN drivers by mISDN start under /usr/sbin
3) restart your asterisk
4) check the loading in asterisk, running help command in asterisk console will find the misdn module. if it is not there, you have to check it again, make sure the mISDN is included in asterisk.
5) please refer to configs from GUI and check the examples given from.
6) once the drivers is loaded, the LEDs will be blink.
7) connect with ISDN,the LED will be in red and stop blinking.
7) when the call is established, the LED will be in green.

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