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Premature end of call

16 years 6 months ago #462 by usuarioforum
When I make an outgoing call from my trixbox, only ring four or five times and then stop ringing. I want to let a voice message in the other phone but I can't because the call stop before the voicemail start.

I can see in the log that the asterisk get busy signal:

Zap/5-1 is busy
-- Hungup 'Zap/5-1'
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:1/0/0)
-- Executing Goto("IAX2/998-1", "s-BUSY|1") in new stack
-- Goto (macro-dialout-trunk,s-BUSY,1)
-- Executing NoOp("IAX2/998-1", "Dial failed due to trunk reporting BUSY - giving up") in new stack

I can't understand because the call rings 5 or 6 times befora get busy signal...

If I connect the isdn line to a isdn phone directly I can call and the ring don't stop.

Can you helpme?

16 years 6 months ago #463 by james.zhu
hello, usuarioforum:
from your message, i guess that your dialplan has problem and make sure the zap5 also is available.

16 years 6 months ago #467 by usuarioforum
The channel is available. If someone answer the call it works. Is when nobody answer the call that stop ring so early...
16 years 6 months ago #468 by usuarioforum
For some reason the spanish analog lines send a tone and asterisk think that is a busy tone. You only must to put:


in zapata

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