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openvox dualBRI: how to connect an ISDN phone

10 years 11 months ago #8899 by gincantalupo
does anybody know the EXACT steps to follow to connect an ISDN phone to a dualBRI openvox card?
On the card are 3 jumpers:
1) NT/TE to set to NT
2) another jumper without name on the right of NT/TE jumper
3) power jumper (upper right corner of the card)
I have set all of them but the phone does not work
Should I connect the molex connector as well? Is there some kind of configuration inside asterisk that must be done?

Thank you

10 years 11 months ago #8900 by hua

I take a photo for example , As you said there are 3 jumpers , If you want to connect the Span1 to ISDN phone , You should set the jumpers as sign in the photo.
By the way you need to supply power to the card by the connector in the photo .
It is better if I can get SSH info to check . You can add my Skype upper.hua .

Best regards
10 years 11 months ago #8918 by gincantalupo
Perfect! It works!
Thank you very much!!

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