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Echo problem with B400p Card and A400P card.

16 years 6 months ago #594 by yidiyuehan
Hi, I installed both A400P and B400P (bristuff driver) in a few servers and they all encounter echo problem.

I have purchased HPEC license from Digium and applied to A400P card and it works better now but not 100% guarantee of echo cancellation.

I noticed now Openvox also has own soft echo cancellation for A400P card, any one knows is it performing better than Digium's HPEC?

And since I use Bristuff for B400P, I am not sure how i can eliminate the echo problem, any soft patch or commercial license?
16 years 6 months ago #596 by james.zhu
honorsly, i do not think the software based solution can solve your problem. it is true, maybe the quality of calls becomes better. yes. we offer Octasic SoftEcho, you can try that. i think the quality is same with HPEC license.

16 years 5 months ago #629 by yidiyuehan
hi James, thank you for your reply.
Can I check with you whether you have the card with on board hardware echo cancellation?

if not could you tell me what did you do normally to eliminate the echo problem and how is the performance?

and also do you know any soft echo programme which I can apply to B400P ISDN digital card?

thanks again for your answer
16 years 5 months ago #630 by james.zhu
hello, yidiyuehan:
So far, we do not any have hardware based echo cancellation card. but it will come out soon. you can try the software to solve your problem. it calls Octasic. some customers said that after installing Octasic, the call became better. i can not say it is a perfect solution. at least it can help you. you can access this:

16 years 5 months ago #632 by miaolin
The software EC will be helpful in most case, Neither software EC nor h/w EC can solve all kind of echo issue.

Our SoftEcho is better than digium's HPEC, you can google SoftEcho v.s HPEC to see the result.

But if you do not want to spend money, you can try OSLEC, it is far better than the embeded EC in zaptel.
16 years 5 months ago #641 by yidiyuehan
Thanks to both of you for your reply.

I am curious that whether there is a way to eliminate echo problem by 100% as if not then IP PBX really cannot compete with digital PBX due to the simple echo problem.

I will try OSLEC later on and see how.

I am wondering whether the echo problem has nothing to do with motherboard or not, recently I am using ASUS P5L-MX to do the testing.

Do inform me if you have any other better recommendation in terms of motherboard.

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