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B100P PCI card and elastix 2.4.0 [solved]

10 years 1 month ago #9606 by rnervi
Figured out to plug the card and have a running system. Not so.
Elastix hardware detector recognizes the card as "Span # 1: ZTHFC1 "HFC-S PCI A ISDN card 0 ["
but hitting "configuration of span" does nothing.
Futhermore, in System Dashboard, card is "seen" bt "not registered". need the card serial number but have an issure for a missing sql table, cannot "register".
Is there a clean step by step how to have the card up and working as per "elastix certified" ?

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10 years 1 month ago #9607 by hua
sorry to make trouble, Please contact me , I will check it .

Skype : upper.hua

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10 years 1 month ago #9617 by rnervi
great support from Mr. Upper.hua. this has been solved.
to help everyone here are step by step to reproduce it:

login to system tty
    cd /usr/src


    tar -zxvf openvox_dahdi-linux-complete-2.8.0+2.8.0.tar.gz 

    rm openvox_dahdi-linux-complete-2.8.0+2.8.0.tar.gz 
remove this directory:
reinStall dhadi:
    cd dahdi-linux-complete-2.8.0+2.8.0/


    make install

    make config

    amportal stop

    service dahdi stop

    modprobe dahdi

    modprobe zaphfc


    dahdi_cfg -v

    dahdi_cfg -vv

then restart system:

shutdown -r now
after all that elastix detects the card.

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