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B100P Fax Issues

10 years 1 week ago #9683 by DVader
Hello there,
I have the 4 OpenVOX B100P ISDN Card on a Elastix 2.4.0 rel 2 version. This system serves total 4 ISDN Lines with total 10 numbers. I use mISDN for the telephone system. Elastix is fully updated with all latest package versions. The codecs i am using is alaw & ulaw specifically assigned in the 2 iax2 extensions i have !
I sent over a days more than 5000 faxes in groups of 100. I have a lot of fax issues in a group. The error codes are below:
1. requeued: No response to PPS repeated 3 times.
2.Failed: RSRPEC error/got DCN
3. Failed: Failure to train remote modem at 2400 bps or minimum speed
4. Failed: Unspecified Transmit Phase C error

Is there any way to solve those errors ? What shall i do to solve them ?
10 years 1 week ago #9685 by hua
Did you only use this server to recieve/send fax? Is it possible give me remote access to check at first please .This is my skype ID upper.hua.

Best regards
10 years 1 week ago #9690 by DVader
Unfortunately not ! I cannot give you any access cause is not my server. It is one of my clients ! But please ask me what do you want to check and paste you here !
10 years 1 week ago #9691 by DVader
I can add you in skype and talk and do what you want !
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