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Port Splitter with B400

9 years 4 months ago #10165 by jonpaulh
I have a feeling I already know what the answer will be, but here we go.

I have recently switched from a paid PBX using A500 Sangoma cards, to Freepbx using two B400 cards. The sangoma cards provided a Y-Cable so that two ISDN lines could be plugged into a single port giving 4 B Channels. See here :

Specifically the product A108 T1/E1 “Portsplitter” Cable.

When plugging the same cable into the B400 I get two B channels and no ability to increase the channels via the FreePBX interface. My question is whether these cables can be used with the B400 cards.
9 years 4 months ago #10166 by tim.june
The Y-Cable you mentioned should be A500( ), A108( )is for T1/E1, never could be used on BRI card.
OpenVox B400 card provide 2 B channels on each port with cable RJ-49C( ), you can connect 1 ISDN line to 1 port directly with normal straight network cable , no need Y cable any more.

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