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[B800P] - only 5 ports detected [solved]

15 years 7 months ago #2022 by pastore

james.zhu wrote: hello:
have you add the laymask to ensure the 8 ports are there?
or you can add 8 ports in misdn-init.conf and start it with debug mode.
I hope can see more useful information there. by way, do you have any new hardware in your machine?

Yes, I have. This is my mISDN:

#HFCMULTI_layermask[${i}]="${HFCMULTI_layermask[${i}]:+"${HFCMULTI_layermask[${i}]},"}$(printf "0x%x" ${l})"

No, I have not new hardware...the problem still exists.

Any idea?

Edit: problem solved after a reboot...I don't know why :)
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