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Cant have more than 5 simultaneous calls

10 years 1 month ago #9689 by kiken
Hi, i have an GW1202-8G with a sip trunk working in a elastix server and I have the problem that no more that 5 calls can be simultaneous at all times.

What can be the problem?

I have the routing of the gateway in failover, i mean first call goes to gsm-1.1, then gsm-1.2, gsm-1.3, gsm-1.4, gsm-2.1, gsm-2.2, ghsm-2.3, gsm-2.4.

It just gooes as far as gsm-2.1, the just busy line sound...

Log from call:
[May 16 10:10:23] VERBOSE[32462] app_dial.c:     -- Called SIP/openvox1/XXXXXXXX
[May 16 10:10:23] VERBOSE[32462] app_dial.c:     -- SIP/openvox1-000016bd is busy
[May 16 10:10:23] VERBOSE[32462] app_dial.c:   == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:1/0/0)

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10 years 1 month ago #9692 by rick.zhu

This is Rick,sorry to delay!
Please contact me when you available,i will check it for you remotely!
My contact info be shown as below:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best Regards.
10 years 1 month ago #9694 by kiken
Could you provide my with some insight here on the forum?

I'm on UTC-4 so it's a bit difficult to comunicate via skype...
10 years 3 weeks ago #9711 by kiken
anyone? :(

Here are ss of my configurations:

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10 years 3 weeks ago #9712 by svolta
Sorry for the delay replay. Why do you make the call out rules by failover? What's the software version of your GW1202-8G? Please try to update the software verion to the newest one and make the call out rules by groups, you can see it in the following picture.
10 years 3 weeks ago #9714 by kiken
I did that configuration 'cause the pdf on your webpage sugest it (i'm using elastix)...

Anyway, I did de group and now everything is working as intended.

P.S.: I already had the last version installed (2.0.5)
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