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Install OpenVox GSM card- G400P on AsteriskNOW13

8 years 5 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #10773 by eman.shaaban
I installed OpenVOX GSM card - G400P on AsteriskNOW 13 server
PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-21
I followed the tutorial and run the Extra_chan script,
I get the error
No asterisk dirs found in /usr/src/Please download the asterisk or enter the new asterisk path

So I had to skip the part that rebuild the astierisk.

Now I have the card installed and appear in the dahdi config but I can not run the answering procedure on the card.
When I did a search on the issue I found that I had no gsm command on asterisk.
When I run the command ---> core show help gsm
I gut the error ----> No such command 'gsm'.

How to install the gsm command in AsteriskNOW13
8 years 5 months ago #10775 by lindali

To install chan_extra, you must rebuild the dahdi and asterisk. You can download the same version of asterisk with your asteriskNow. Then unzip it.
Then Install the chan_extra.
If you have other problem about OpenVox device, you can contact me via skype or email.

Best regards,
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
skype: linda.li258
8 years 4 months ago #10790 by eman.shaaban
I followed your suggestion and rebuild the asterisk with the same version i have on asterisknow.
the rebuild stops with error Installing Asterisk: make ... [ Failure ]

In the attached you will find a text will with the complete error.

I appreciate any help you can support me with.

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8 years 4 months ago #10794 by lindali

Please prepare remote access for checking and contact me via skype.

best regards
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